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The children at adventure camps acquire self-esteem and confidence by challenging their doubts & fears and achieve victory. Most of the times, the adventure camps come up with activities that are not easy to presume and involves both physical and mental capabilities be applied. Resolving complicated problems in life makes one differ as a Leader from a mere follower. The adventure camps for students enhance such leadership skills that are unique. Valley Vibes is a scenic getaway nestled between Mountains and a lake, having stunning views from the famous SRS beta in Ramnagaram, valley vibes is the place to relax, rejuvenate and experience nature at its best.


TREKKING: Trekking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wilderness.

ZIPLINE: Zip line is a type of leisure/sports activity, in which the customers zoom from one side of the wire that is firmly fixed on the poles or trees to the other using trolleys mounted on the wire.

INDOOR & OUTDOOR GAMES: Playing outdoors should be a vital part of every kid’s growing up years. It is a wonderful way to learn various life skills, a great chance for kids to flourish, run, jump, make a mess and explore their self in natural surroundings. Therefore, it is important for parents to play a conscious and a proactive role in developing a positive outlook towards outdoor games among kids.

SWIMMING POOL: There are huge physical benefits to swimming, such as the full-body cardiovascular and respiratory workout. This develops a child’s stamina, flexibility and muscle strength using the water as resistance and also builds their concentration. Swimming lessons are a great way to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for your kids. It can help prevent (or battle) obesity with regular exercise that is also fun. Children who exercise at a young age are more likely to continue this into adulthood, remain healthy and live a more balanced lifestyle ensuring a lifetime of health and fitness.

RAIN DANCE: Water sports are a great form of exercise because it works almost every part of your body, helping you burn calories the natural way. 


MIDDLE SCHOOL:  How has the activities conduced helped you to bond better as a team and reinforced the importance of collaboration, communication and problem solving and strategy development skills
HIGH SCHOOL:  What are the different outdoor activities you had undergone, what are the physical, social , emotional and intellectual benefits you acquires through each of the activities

* All our educational programs are designed in parallel with the syllabus focusing on global awareness, allowing students to address global issues like poverty, sustainability, development, health care, conservation and much more.

* Our 24/7 Tour Monitoring System assures that every program is a great success.

* Every tour is escorted by a medically trained professional.

* Track My Tour-helps to get live updates of videos, photos & announcements while the kids are on tours.

* A dedicated manager from our office for every tour will be coordinating with the concerned teacher during the tour.

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