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The adventure camps support children to develop physical, mental and emotional strengths simultaneously. It builds a character and promote understanding of practical difficulties of doing things and to resolve the difficulties to enrich their lives. When the children are overloaded with academic pressures, the adventure campers for students provide the right opportunity to explore more skills through fun and enjoyment.

Discovery Village let children do what they are best suited to – explore and play. Each location   hosts a variety of age-appropriate activities for students. Green classrooms feed their curious minds with interest about nature. No textbooks, no stiff benches and desks. It’s learning in the outdoors; it’s learning through play. More importantly, these are all fun activities that will engross the team members to participate in full spirit. 


DISCOVERY COURSE: The Discovery Course is an impressive structure with over 25 separate elements, ranging from traditional high challenge course traverses, to unique team challenges. The degree of difficulty can be adjusted to meet age and ability requirements.

People of all ages, genders, cultures, and physical abilities have employed numerous activities to challenge and test their physical, emotional and mental skills and abilities as well as to collaborate and support each-others.

Our high/ low ropes and team building initiatives are designed specifically to challenge the possible limits of these skills and abilities, through both group and individual activities.

CONVERGING ACID RIVER (MID ROPE COURSES): The Activity involves problem solving, team bonding, creativity and trust. The level of group interaction and sophistication will determine how the leader facilitates the activity. Also, the degree of variations and complexities are immense in this activity which can be introduced at start or during the process. Depending on the team’s capabilities.

The name converging acid river denotes that the sub groups have to converge as “ONE” to reach the common platform. You can use any type of scenario that is most applicable to the group. Since both teams are given the same instructions and resources you could set an unrealistic time frame and stop the activity at the allotted time. This will create an opportunity for the groups to step back and evaluate their behavior and progress and when you allow them more time, they will apply their learning for a more successful venture.

LEADERSHIP DISPOSITION COURSE: The obstacle course is an effective activity for team building, problem solving and endurance. There are 11 obstacles that need to be completed as a team and clear leaving no team member behind


MIDDLE SCHOOL: How has the activities conduced helped you to bond better as a team and reinforced the importance of collaboration, communication and problem solving and strategy development skills

HIGH SCHOOL: What are the different outdoor activities you had undergone, what are the physical, social, emotional and intellectual benefits you acquire through each of the activities


* All our educational programs are designed in parallel with the syllabus focusing on global awareness, allowing students to address global issues like poverty, sustainability, development, health care, conservation and much more.

* Our 24/7 Tour Monitoring System assures that every program is a great success.

* Every tour is escorted by a medically trained professional.

* Track My Tour-helps to get live updates of videos, photos & announcements while the kids are on tours.

* A dedicated manager from our office for every tour will be coordinating with the concerned teacher during the tour.

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