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More than half of the global population lives in cities. As such, urban biodiversity conservation must be utilized to prevent the “extinction of experience” cycle, whereby people who do not have the opportunity to interact with nature are less likely to value and appreciate nature, leading to a decline in public support for conservation activities and further degradation of natural environments.

Direct experiences with nature have substantial positive impacts on the mental, emotional, and social development of children and people’s behaviorand can encourage healthy lifestyles. Experience with nature in childhood is particularly important for cultivating proenvironmental attitudes, behaviors, and moral judgments later in life


  • To provide an authentic experience to nurture social transformation which enhances ecosystem.
  • To study on the sustainability
  • As part of our tour we educate the students about conservation and involve them in activities to create an awareness of sustainability and the complexities of the web of life.


MIDDLE SCHOOLWhat new learnings did you receive exploring the backwaters?

HIGH SCHOOL: How was the experience of different activities at the Kumbalangi Village & how different is from the city activities you personally take part.


JEWISH SYNAGOGUE: The Paradise Synagogue is the oldest active synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations. One can study the practices and rituals of the Jewish religion. It has the scrolls of the law, crowns, copper plates and a lot of other unique items received as gifts. Belgian Glass Chandeliers, the brass-railed pulpit and a host of other unique crafts antiques are on display. The synagogue is a blend of different styles of art and architecture. One step into its divine halls leaves a person enthralled with the rare antiques on display. The chandeliers and lamps sparkle alongside the natural sunlight that flows in through its large windows. These glass chandeliers date back to the 19th century when they were imported from Belgium. The hand-painted blue willow patterned tiles are architectural marvels in themselves. They were brought here from Canton in China by Jewish businessman Ezekiel Rahabi in the 18th century. Each tile is unique and one feels a distinct mystical aura emanating from the entire place.

DUTCH PALACE: The Palace was gifted by the Portuguese to the King of Cochin but later the Dutch carried out some renovations and extensions and so it is called the Dutch palace. Currently, it is a portrait gallery of mythological murals of the Hindu temple art. It is constructed in traditional style with a European influence. The deity of the royal family, 'PazhayannurBhagavathi' (the Goddess of Pazhayannur) is placed in the central courtyard.

CHINESE FISHING NETS: In India, Chinese fishing nets (Cheena vala) are fishing nets that are fixed land installations for fishing. The more formal name for such nets is "shore operated lift nets". Huge mechanical contrivances hold out horizontal nets of 20 m or more across.

COCHIN SHIPYARD: Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) is the largest shipbuilding and maintenance facility in India. It is part of a line of maritime-related facilities in the port city of Kochi, in the state of Kerala, India. Of the services provided by the shipyard are building platform supply vessels and double-hulled oil tankers.

HILL PALACE MUSEUM: The Hill Palace is Kerala`s first heritage museum for royal collections. The history of India under the local rulers and the British Raj can be studied through Oil paintings, murals; sculptures in stone, manuscripts, stone inscriptions, weapons, and the royal throne are on display. One can see oil-paintings, murals, sculptures, manuscripts and belongings of the Kochi royal family. Antique ceramics from the Far East, Kudakkallu (tombstone), Thoppikkallu (hood stone), laterite memorials and wooden memorials from ancient civilizations like the Indus Valley and Harappa can also be found here. It even has a gallery housing contemporary art. It is our pride to have relics of such value and significance placed here. 


All our educational programs are designed in parallel with the syllabus focusing on global awareness, allowing students to address global issues like poverty, sustainability, development, health care, conservation and much more.

Our 24/7 Tour Monitoring System assures that every program is a great success.

* Every tour is escorted by a medically trained professional.

Track My Tour-helps to get live updates of videos, photos & announcements while the kids are on tours.

* A dedicated manager from our office for every tour will be coordinating with the concerned teacher during the tour.

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