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Embark on a mystical journey to Hampi, where history and wonder converge to create an immersive experience like no other. From exploring ancient temples like Vitthala and Virupaksha to unraveling the secrets of the King's Palace and Mahanavami Dibba, every moment is a step into a world of enchantment and discovery. Let your child's imagination soar amidst Hampi's timeless marvels, a journey that promises to ignite their curiosity and leave them spellbound.


05:00 AM: Departure from School
As the stars fade into the early morning sky, students embark on a magical journey to Hampi. Excitement dances in the air as they board a luxurious private coach, ready for adventure.

08:00 AM: Breakfast En Route Amidst rolling landscapes
The coach pauses for a sumptuous breakfast, energizing the young explorers for the enchantments ahead.

11:30 AM: Snacks & Juice A delightful break
Snacks and refreshing juice, invigorating the students as they draw closer to Hampi's mystical embrace.

1:00 PM: Arrival at Hampi,Check-in & lunch
 Welcome to the Enchanted Realm of Hampi As you arrive in Hampi, a land steeped in mystical allure, be greeted with warm hospitality and a check-in at our magical hotel. Indulge in a lunch spread that not only satiates your hunger but also ignites your senses with flavors that mirror the rich heritage of Hampi.

2:00 PM: Enter a Realm of Ancient Marvels
Step into the enchanting world of Hampi as we venture to witness the awe-inspiring Kadale Kalu Ganesha, a monumental statue nestled on the Hemakuta Hill. Feel the presence of history at Sasive Kalu Ganesha, a colossal rock-carved deity guarding Hampi's legacy. Then, marvel at the Badavi Linga, a towering monolithic Shiva Linga adorned with mystical carvings that whisper tales of a bygone era.

4:30 PM: Refreshment
As the day's adventures weave their magic, savor delightful snacks that mirror the flavors of Hampi's rich heritage and cultural tapestry.

6:30 PM: Return to Hotel
Retreat to our hotel, a haven steeped in comfort and charm, where every corner holds echoes of Hampi's ancient allure and modern luxury.

8:00 PM: Dinner
Delight in a lavish dinner that harmonizes delectable cuisine with the ambiance of Hampi's mystique, creating a culinary journey like no other.

9:00 PM: Retire for the day
As the night unfolds its velvet cloak, rest your weary spirits in the embrace of our cozy accommodations, dreaming of the wonders yet to unfold in this magical land.


06:00 AM: Wake-Up Call & Morning Refreshments
The first light, students awaken to a day brimming with ancient marvels. Morning refreshments prepare them for a journey through time.

07:30 AM: Breakfast  
A hearty breakfast fuels the excitement as the day's adventures are outlined, setting the stage for exploration.

09:00 AM: Visit to Vitthala Temple
The group immerses in the timeless beauty of Vitthala Temple, a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and spiritual devotion.

11:00 AM: Snacks break
A pause for snacks rejuvenates the students, allowing time for exploration and marveling at Hampi's archaeological gems.

11:20 AM: Step into the Halls of History- Archaeological Museum
Enter the sacred realms of the Archaeological Museum, where the echoes of ancient kings and legends of Lord Rama come alive. Marvel at the intricate bas reliefs and captivating panels that narrate the timeless saga of the epic Ramayana, immersing yourselves in the rich heritage of Hampi's royal past.

12:30 PM: Lunch
Indulge in a feast fit for royalty as lunch is served, a gastronomic journey that mirrors the flavors and traditions of Hampi's illustrious history and cultural richness. Savor each bite as you bond over shared tales of exploration and discovery.

02:00 PM: Hampi Bazaar & Virupaksha Temple
Delving into Hampi's vibrant culture, the group ventures through the bustling bazaar and pays homage at the sacred Virupaksha Temple.

4:00 PM: Snack Break
As the afternoon sun casts its golden glow, indulge in delightful snacks that transport you to a realm of flavors inspired by Hampi's ancient culinary heritage. Let each bite be a taste of magic and adventure.

4:15 PM: Shopping time
Embark on a whimsical shopping spree, where every souvenir and trinket tells a tale of Hampi's enchanting allure. Explore vibrant markets and hidden gems, finding treasures that resonate with your journey's magic.

7:30 PM: Dinner
Dine like royalty with a dinner that merges delectable flavors with the celestial ambiance of Hampi's starlit sky. Let the night unfold in a tapestry of flavors and stories, creating memories that shimmer with magic.

9:00 PM: Retire for the day
As the day bids farewell, drift into a realm of dreams woven with the threads of Hampi's enchantment. May your night be filled with visions of tomorrow's adventures, each moment a spellbinding chapter in your journey


06:00 AM: wake up and freshen up
With the dawn chorus, students rise to embrace the final day of Hampi's wonders.

7:30 AM: Breakfast will be provided
Awaken to a breakfast spread that mirrors the vibrant hues of Hampi's sunrise. Delight in a feast of flavors and aromas that energize your spirit for the day's enchanting adventures.

8:30 AM: Check out from hotel
Bid farewell to our mystical abode as you check out, carrying with you the memories and magic of Hampi's timeless wonders. Let the echoes of your experiences guide you on a journey filled with charm and enchantment.

9:00 AM: Proceed to King's Palace, Mahanavami Dibba, Queen's Bath, Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stables, and Pushkarni.
Each site unveils tales of royalty, grandeur, and architectural marvels that will captivate your imagination.

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Visit
King's Palace:
Explore the grandeur of King's Palace, where echoes of ancient glory resonate in its massive enclosures and intricate chambers.
Mahanavami Dibba :Witness the opulence of Mahanavami Dibba, adorned with gem-studded thrones and tales of royal celebrations.
Queen's Bath :Discover the serene beauty of Queen's Bath, where ornate corridors and lotus fountains once enchanted the court.
Lotus Mahal :Marvel at the architectural grace of Lotus Mahal, a symphony of geometric elegance and sun-kissed charm.
Elephant Stables :Stand in awe at the Elephant Stables, a testament to the grandeur of Hampi's royal heritage.
Pushkarni. :Finally, immerse yourself in the tranquil allure of Pushkarni, a poetic water tank steeped in history and crafted with timeless beauty.
Let each moment of this journey be a magical tapestry woven with charm, history, and the essence of Hampi's regal past.

01:00 PM: Lunch & Departure
A final lunch in Hampi's embrace precedes the journey back, laden with memories of ancient majesty.

04:00 PM: Snacks En Route
A mid-journey break offers snacks, reminiscing about the enchanting days spent in Hampi's realm.

07:00 PM: Dinner
The journey culminates with a shared dinner, reflecting on the magic of Hampi before returning to Bangalore.

11:00 PM: Arrival at Bangalore
As the night settles, the group arrives back in Bangalore, hearts full of memories and minds enriched by Hampi's timeless charm.

Complimentary Ratio for Student: Teacher (Including Non – Teaching Staff) 10:1

NB: Once the Trip is confirmed with the Marketing Executive, for any further information or status or details regarding the booking. Kindly coordinate with our Operations Team – Mr. Ashish Anand: 9501551434 Mr. Georgei T Joseph: 9341227800







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