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Embark on a captivating journey from Bangalore to Goa, where each day unfolds like a vibrant chapter of discovery and adventure. From exploring ancient forts and sun-kissed beaches to delving into Goa's rich cultural heritage, this immersive experience promises a tapestry of memories. Dive into historical marvels, savor local flavors, and bask in the coastal beauty of Goa, creating cherished moments that linger long after the journey ends!


1:30 PM: Gather at School

Students assemble post-lunch, filled with excitement and anticipation for the enchanting journey awaiting them in vibrant Goa.

2:00 PM: Departure from Bangalore

Boarding their private AC coach, the adventure begins with snacks and joyful chatter, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

4:00 PM: Snacks & Juice

Refreshing snacks and beverages are served, adding comfort and delight to the scenic journey through lush landscapes.

7:00 PM: Dinner En Route

A delicious dinner served en route adds a touch of warmth and coziness to the evening, keeping spirits high.

8:00 PM: Overnight to Goa

As night falls, the journey becomes a magical transition into a world of dreams and excitement, promising a Goa adventure like no other.


4:00 AM: Arrival at Goa and check in at hotel Neelam's The Grand Calangute or similar category hotel

With the break of dawn, students step into the vibrant ambiance of Goa, greeted by the warm coastal breeze and the promise of exploration.

7:30 AM: Buffet Breakfast

A delightful spread of breakfast delights awaits, energizing everyone for a day filled with discoveries.

9:30 AM: Explore AGUADA FORT

Stepping into history at Aguada Fort, students immerse in tales of battles and maritime heritage, captivated by panoramic views of the sea.

11:00 AM: Snacks & Juice

A brief pause for snacks and refreshments rejuvenates the explorers, fueling their curiosity and energy.

11:15 AM: Back to Hotel

Returning to the hotel, students unwind briefly before embarking on the next leg of their Goan adventure.

11:30 AM: Enjoy Hotel Facilities

The students enjoy free time to relax and take advantage of the hotel's facilities, from swimming pools to games and serene gardens.

1:00 PM: Buffet Lunch

A sumptuous lunch spread allows students to savor local flavors and recharge for the afternoon's escapades.

3:00 PM: CALANGUTE BEACH ( Students are free to enjoy water sports @ their own expense)

The golden sands and azure waters of Calangute Beach beckon, offering a playground for beach fun and water sports.

3:30 PM: Snacks & Juice

A break for refreshments ensures students stay energized as they delve into beach activities and soak up the sun.

6:30 PM: Back to Hotel

Returning from a day of sun and surf, students relax, reflecting on the day's seaside escapades.

8:00 PM: Buffet Dinner

A delectable dinner under the stars marks the end of an exhilarating day in North Goa.

10:00 PM: Retire for the Day

As night settles over Goa, students retire, cherishing memories of a day filled with beach adventures and cultural discoveries.


6:30 AM: Wake up and Freshen up

The day begins with the promise of new experiences and the anticipation of more Goa wonders to uncover.

7:00 AM: Buffet Breakfast

A hearty breakfast fuels students for the day's explorations, brimming with historical and cultural marvels.

8:30 AM: Visit BAGA BEACH

The lively shores of Baga Beach await, inviting students to bask in the morning sun and revel in coastal delights.

9:00 AM: Enjoy BAGA BEACH

From beachcombing to water activities, Baga Beach offers a canvas of fun and relaxation against Goa's scenic backdrop.

10:15 AM: Snacks & Juice

A break for snacks and refreshments ensures everyone stays energized for the day's itinerary.

10:30 AM: Back to Hotel

Returning from the beach, students have a brief respite before diving into Goa's rich historical legacy.

12:00 PM: Buffet Lunch

A flavorful lunch introduces students to Goan cuisine, a blend of coastal flavors and culinary traditions.

1:45 PM: Explore Old Goa Churches

Journeying into the past, students visit iconic churches, marveling at their architectural grandeur and historical significance.

2:30 PM: Old Goa Churches
Basilica of Bom Jesus - The revered Basilica of Bom Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Goa which unveils centuries-old secrets and religious devotion, captivating students with its Baroque splendor.

Se Cathedral - Exploring Goa's largest church, students admire its towering presence and intricate details, stepping into a bygone era of Portuguese influence.

St. Augustine Tower - One of the most spectacular of all monuments in Goa, reproduced on innumerable travel brochures and advertisements is the St Augustine tower in Old Goa.

4:00 PM: Snacks & Juice

A pause for snacks and refreshments energizes students for the next leg of their cultural exploration.

4:30 PM: Visit Dona Paula Statue

The romantic allure of Dona Paula unfolds, offering breathtaking views and a glimpse into Goan folklore and legend.

6:00 PM: Proceed to SUNDOWN CRUISE

As evening descends, students proceed to the SUN DOWN CRUISE, anticipating a tranquil experience on the River Mondovi.

6.30 PM: Reporting For SUN DOWN CRUISE

Gathering for the cruise, excitement mounts as students prepare to immerse themselves in Goa's cultural richness.


Set against the river's calm backdrop, students delight in an hour of traditional Goan song, dance, and live music, embracing the essence of local culture.

8:30 PM: Back to Hotel

Returning from a day rich in history and coastal charm, students relax, reflecting on the day's cultural immersion.

9:30 PM: Buffet Dinner

A flavorful dinner marks the end of another enriching day, filled with historical insights and scenic wonders.

10:30 PM: Retired for the Day

As night falls over Goa, students retire, cherishing memories of a day steeped in heritage and cultural exploration.


6:00 AM: Wake up and Freshen up

The day begins with the promise of new experiences and the anticipation of more Goa wonders to uncover.

6.30 AM: Proceed to CANDOLIM BEACH

Embark on a journey to the picturesque Candolim Beach, where the golden sands meet the azure waters.


Bask in the morning sun and the tranquil beauty of Candolim Beach, indulging in seaside relaxation and fun.

8:00 AM: Back to Hotel

Returning from the beach, students have a brief respite before diving into Goa's rich historical legacy.

8:30 AM: Buffet Breakfast

A hearty breakfast fuels students for the day's explorations, brimming with historical and cultural marvels.

10:00 AM: Check Out The Hotel

Bid farewell to your comfortable abode in Goa, cherishing the memories created during your stay.

10:15 AM: Snacks & Juice

Refresh with light snacks and refreshing juices, gearing up for the next leg of your journey.

10.30 AM: Free for Shopping at Calangute

Explore the vibrant markets of Calangute, a paradise for souvenir hunting and local treasures.

12:30 PM: Lunch will be provided

Recharge with a hearty lunch, savoring the flavors of Goan cuisine before your next adventure.

02:00 PM: Proceed to Indian Naval Aviation Museum

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Indian naval aviation, discovering the history and technology behind it.

04:00 PM: Visit Indian Naval Aviation Museum

Explore the rich heritage of India's naval aviation, marveling at the aircraft, weapons, and equipment on display.

05:00 PM: Snacks & Juice

Refresh with snacks and juices before continuing your exploration of Goa's attractions.

05:30 PM: Visit Bogmallo Beach

Discover the beauty of Bogmallo Beach, soaking in the scenic vistas and serene ambiance of this coastal paradise.

07:00 PM: Dinner

Indulge in a delightful dinner, savoring the flavors of Goan cuisine one last time before your departure.

08:00 PM: Overnight Journey

Embark on an overnight journey back to Bangalore, filled with memories of your unforgettable Goa experience.


06:30 AM: En Route BREAKFAST

Enjoy a delicious breakfast en route to Bangalore, reminiscing about your wonderful adventures in Goa.

10:30 AM: Arrival at BANGALORE

Arrive in Bangalore, carrying with you cherished memories and experiences from your Goa escapade.

Complimentary Ratio for Student: Teacher (Including Non – Teaching Staff) 10:1

NB: Once the Trip is confirmed with the Marketing Executive, for any further information or status or details regarding the booking. Kindly coordinate with our Operations Team – Mr. Ashish Anand: 9501551434 Mr. Georgei T Joseph: 9341227800





  • Transportation by private AC coach.
  • Veg Breakfast, Lunch (veg/non veg) and Dinner (veg/non veg), Morning and Evening light snacks.(as per package)
  • Guide Charges.
  • State Taxes.
  • Sightseeing.
  • General Entrance Fees as per the Program.
  • Stay at hotels on four sharing basis (1 king size bed with 1 extra mattress).
  • Experienced tour manager from Crazy Holidays throughout the trip.



  • Any Expenses of Personal Nature (like still camera or video camera, porter charges, Laundry expenses, Phone calls, food/beverages not included in the package, usages of mini bar in the hotel.
  • Sightseeing or Activities which are not mentioned in the package.


1. As this is NOT THE FINAL ITINERARY at the time of confirmation, kindly ask the marketing executive to check the availability of all the services as specified in this itinerary ie (TRAIN/FLIGHT/COACHES/HOTELS/ENTRY TO MONUMENTS, FARMS, RESORTS ETC) based on the period of travel and to submit the FINAL ITINERARY.

2. As the availability and pricing keeps on changing for flights/train dynamically we request your good self to make sure to collect the full amount of train fare and 25% of the airfare within 24 hours as soon as a trip is confirmed from the students which is nonrefundable and handover the same amount to Crazy Holidays marketing executive so that we can go ahead with the booking of flight/train on immediate hours.


  • A circular will be forwarded to the students
  • Kindly follow the instructions to access the detailed itinerary, Project specifications, payment details, booking procedure and to make the payments through our payment gateway
  • After making the payment, handover the invoice to the class teacher

PAYMENT MODE - 100% payment should be done 15 days prior to the departure

PAYMENT POLICY - Crazy Holidays Payment Gateway or Demand Draft in Favor of Crazy Holidays

For the Registration process, Payment gateway, Tour plan & To Access Photos, Videos, and Announcements regarding this   Tour Follow the Step Give Below:

  1. Log On To  &  Sign Up With Relevant Information


Cancellations are effective on the date written intimation is received by the Tour In charge / School Office. Cancellation will not be received orally or over the phone. Refund if any will be settled within 21 days of the arrival of the Tour.

1) 25 days or more prior to departure date: 25% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

2) 20 days to 24 days prior to departure date: 40% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

3) 15 days to 19 days prior to departure date: 50% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

4) 10 days to 14 days prior to departure date: 75% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

5) 9 days or lesser prior to departure date: 100% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

*In case of flight journey, Air ticket amount will be non-refundable (100

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