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Expedition to wildlife conservation through fun and interactive session can be an amazing experience for children. It teaches a child about the awareness on sustainability and the damage to native animals and the environment. As well, teaching kids about wildlife conservation ensures that our beautiful country and its matchless wildlife will be preserved for future generations.


  • To provide an authentic experience to nurture social transformation which enhances ecosystem sustainability.
  • To study on conservation and the sustainability of rare animal species.
  • As part of our tour we educate the students about conservation and involve them in activities to create an awareness of sustainability and the complexities of the web of life.
  • We recognise the interdependence of humans, domestic animals and wildlife within the environment, and its impact on the sustainability of the world that we live in.


MIDDLE SCHOOL: Write few unique features about the Tibetan culture you noticed during your trip to the Tibetan colony, what are the few socio-economic developments achieved by Tibetan settlements

HIGH SCHOOL: What are the different activities you observed in the Dubare elephant camp, how has it helped you to have a sense of responsibility to do your bit towards protecting elephants?


ABBEY FALLS: Abbey Falls, also known as Abbi Falls. Study on Effective Utilization of Natural Resources- The picturesque view of the fall is breathtaking.  The Opportunity could be used to discuss effective solutions that could be made to solve the Drinking Water Problem of the Local Community and how the Waterfall has helped the local community while it attracts tourists.

DUBARE ELEPHANT CAMP: study the conservation, preservation, and rehabilitation of elephants. Watching elephants being fed, given a scrub-bath in the river, with rituals like oil being applied to their forehead, tusk and the other aspects of elephant grooming are interesting to watch.

TIBETAN COLONY: Great Opportunity to Get an Exposure of Day to Day Activities of Tibetan People. To Know the Tibetan Culture, Interaction with The Tibetan People and Understand the Socio-Economic Development Achieved by Tibetan settlements

OMKARESHWARA TEMPLE: It is built in a combination of Gothic and Islamic styles.  It is a temple with a dome in the center and 4 minarets like in the mosque. An inscription on the copper plate tells the history of the temple. It is built to worship Shiva.




All our educational programs are designed in parallel with the syllabus focusing on global awareness, allowing students to address global issues like poverty, sustainability, development, health care, conservation and much more.

Our 24/7 Tour Monitoring System assures that every program is a great success.

* Every tour is escorted by a medically trained professional.

Track My Tour-helps to get live updates of videos, photos & announcements while the kids are on tours.

* A dedicated manager from our office for every tour will be coordinating with the concerned teacher during the tour.

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