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Are you one of those who want your students to be better engaged and connected ? Do you want to bring back the interpersonal interactions by bringing together young children ? where they act as melting pot of ideas and perspectives? Do you also want students to develop the social skills essential for their holistic growth and development by providing a platform where they can effectively interact with their peers?

Crazy Holidays with our past 23 years of experience on group entertainment engagement and group dinamics, can help students and teachers encourage collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving and decision making skills by creating a fun filled environment assuring that they are better engaged and connected. by accomplishing group task students learn to listen, trust and support each other, while developing life skills such as communication and collaboration

Crazy holidays has developed a set of activities that help you to achieve these objectives, and it’s  fun cum learning when its been executed by a team of our  professional  experts....



Reporting at School   (After having own breakfast)


Welcome drink + Dividing the children in to multiple  groups

Group 1 :Party Games

Group 2 : Ponny Ride

Group 3 : Craft World

Group 4 : Face Painting

Group 5 : Bouncing

10:30 AM

juice break

Shuffle the groups & continue with the programs


Buffet Lunch ( Child  friendly menu)


 Magic Show  

Shake with DJ COOL 


Prize distribution - Followed by Snacks & juice &

04.00 PM  Seeing  off.....


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