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Mysore offers a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage and history of this beautiful city. Through hands-on activities, guided tours, and interactive workshops, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of Mysore's traditions and heritage. Explore, learn, and engage in this transformative educational experience.






5:30 AM

Departure from school by Private  Non AC Coach.

7:30 AM

On the way Breakfast will be provided

10:30 AM

Arrival and visitTIPPU’S GUMBAZ-The Gumbaz is a large mausoleum in the middle of an expansive garden that houses the cenotaphs of Tipu Sultan, his father Hyder Ali and mother Fakr-Un-Nisa. In fact Tipu Sultan built the Gumbaz as a fitting tribute to his heroic father.

11:00 AM

Snacks  and juice

11:00 AM


11:30 AM

visit MYSORE PALACE: Mysore Palace history spans for more than 500 years.  But what you see now in Mysore is the modern palace built in 1912. As mentioned earlier the first palace was built during 14th 1t power shifts in the region, Raja Wodeyar moved the capital to Srirangapatna from Mysore in 1610. The palace in Mysore however continued to serve as a royal residence.

01:30 PM


02:30 PM

Visit BRINDAVANA GARDENS: The Experiential Learning Programme at Brindavana Gardens offers a captivating journey through lush botanical wonders. Participants explore diverse flora, ecological principles, and engage in hands-on activities. This immersive experience fosters environmental awareness and appreciation for nature's beauty. Join us for an educational adventure amidst the breathtaking Brindavana Gardens.

05:30 PM

Snacks  and juice

05:30 PM

Departure to Bangalore

08:30 PM

Arrive @ school

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