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Imagine your child embarking on a day of pure enchantment, beginning with an early morning departure that fills the air with excitement. They arrive at a picturesque resort, welcomed by the tantalizing aroma of a lavish buffet breakfast. Engaging team-building activities transform them into confident leaders, communicators, and innovators. They’ll dive into thrilling resort facilities, explore fascinating village museums, and enjoy nature tours. A talent hunt showcases their creativity, while a vibrant dance session with DJ David Cool ensures endless fun. By day’s end, your child returns brimming with new friendships, cherished memories, and invaluable life skills. This magical journey promises to be an unforgettable experience, fostering growth and joy. Enroll now to gift your child this extraordinary adventure!


07:00 AM - Departure from School
As the first rays of morning light paint the sky, students gather eagerly at school, ready for a day of excitement and growth.

08:30 AM - Arrival at Resort & Buffet Breakfast
Arriving at a serene resort nestled in nature’s embrace, students are greeted with a lavish buffet breakfast. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and a spread of delicious treats awaken their senses.

09:45 AM: Send Group 1 - Team Building Activities

ICE BREAKING ACTIVITY-Fun filled activities designed to get to know each other in the team well and assures to achieve better performance from each of the participants

ACTIVITY 1-A fun activity that brings the importance of DELEGATION & DIRECTION. A skill that has to be mastered by every leader

ACTIVITY 2-This activity brings to you the importance of COMMUNICATION AND COORDINATION and how far it goes in assuring your success

ACTIVITY 3-This game brings you the importance of FOCUS AND COORDINATION

ACTIVITY 4-This activity helps you to know how fast you could LEARN A NEW SKILL that prepares you for the next level of adventure

ACTIVITY 5-This team building activity can show exactly how well your team COMMUNICATES, COORDINATES, FOCUSES AND SYNERGIES to achieve a common objective

ACTIVITY 6-This game helps to have a better understanding on your REFLEXES AND FOCUS LEVEL

ACTIVITY 7-This activity helps you to know what it means to SYNERGIZE & how it affects team performance

ACTIVITY 8-This activity helps to understand the concept EFFECTIVE USE OF RESOURCES

ACTIVITY 9-This activity helps you to understand what it means and how important are the skills like PLANNING, OUT OF THE BOX THINKING, AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION

09:45 AM - Group 2
Meanwhile, other’s enjoy resort facilities like
-Swimming Pool
-Rain Dance
-Amusement Rides

09:45 AM - GROUP 3
The rest enjoy other activities like

11:00 AM - Shuffle the Group
Groups rotate, ensuring every student experiences a blend of learning and leisure activities, fostering inclusivity and camaraderie.

12:30 PM - Buffet Lunch
A delectable buffet lunch offers a variety of cuisines, providing a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation.

01:30 PM - Continue Remaining Activities or Talent Hunt
Students dive back into activities they haven’t yet explored or showcase their talents in a vibrant talent hunt, celebrating individuality and creativity.

02:30 PM - Dance with DJ David Cool
The day crescendos with a lively dance session led by DJ David Cool, where students unwind and groove to their favorite tunes.

03:30 PM - Evening Snacks
Light snacks replenish energy levels, ensuring everyone stays refreshed till the very end.

04:00 PM - Departure to School
With hearts full of cherished memories and newfound skills, students bid farewell to the resort, their spirits soaring from a day well-spent.

05:45 PM - Arrival at School
Returning to school, students share stories of adventure and camaraderie, eager to apply their learnings in everyday life.


For smaller grade students instead of team building games, party games will be conducted.

NB: Once the trip is confirmed with the marketing executive, for any further information or status or details regarding the bookings kindly coordinate with our operation executive MRS. ANNIE: 99161 01317, Email id: or MR. ABHILASH: 82819 22715, Email id:

Kindly submit the final number of students registered details latest by 3 working days before the departure date.


Students are advised to carry their own swimming costume (compulsory for the use of swimming Pool-Synthetic/ Nylon) & Extra pair of cloth for rain dance

Any cancellation /postponement to be informed minimum 7 days in advance. For any cancellation / postponement charges will be applicable as per resort/transport Company policies.

We request you to exclude Thursdays, Fridays & previous day of any Government Holidays, since resorts/ water and amusement parks will be over crowded and we will not be in a position to guarantee any exclusivity during those days.

THE TOUR COST INCLUDES: The above package is inclusive of Transport (49 Seater Non-AC Coach), Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Use of Resort Facilities and Service of Our Tour Managers.

THE TOUR COST DOES NOT INCLUDE: The above package doesn`t include Complimentary Rooms, Sightseeing or Activities and Other Facilities not mentioned in “INCLUSIONS”...


Extra staff will be charged @ Adult’s Rate


For a group of every 47 students & 2 STAFF one 49 seater deluxe coach or one 35 seater luxury coach will be provided. Additional vehicle could be provided only if the numbers of students are 40 and above, for providing vehicle for lesser number of Pax than 40, there will be a slight increase in the quoted rate.




For any breakages the party will be responsible and to be settled directly@ resort/venue.


The above resorts are not guaranteeing any kind of “EXCLUSIVITY” unless and until there is a minimum guarantee of 800 members for the day picnic and the exclusivity had been confirmed by the resort.

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