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A hidden campsite learning experience for students offers a unique educational adventure. Students can immerse themselves in nature, learn survival skills, ecology, and team building. It fosters a deeper connection to the environment while teaching valuable life lessons. This hands-on approach to learning enhances their knowledge, confidence, and appreciation for the outdoors.

06.30 AM

Departure from School

08.30 AM

Arrival @ Resort

09.00 AM


 09:45 AM

Village visit: includes walk through the village,

 Visit a typical village house ( Thotti Mane),

Animal interaction - pet cow, calf, sheep, etc,

Understanding complete process of sericulture,

Visit local school.

11:30 PM

Return to campsite/ relax have refreshing drink

12.30 PM


02.00 PM

Zip line/walk of life/ tire traverse /Rope ladder/ team games

-pipeline, bull ring , Rain dance

03:00 PM

Evening Snacks

03.30 PM

Departure to School 

05.45 PM

Arrival at School


GRADE :5-12

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