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Embark on a magical journey where every day unfolds like a storybook adventure. Picture your child waking up to the melody of nature, eager for the discoveries that awaits. From soaring through the skies to Mahabaleshwar and feeling the thrill of water activities at Tapola, each moment is a treasure trove of learning and joy. Evenings are painted with campfires under starry skies and lively DJ nights, creating memories that sparkle like constellations in the heart.


Departure to Pune by morning flight

In the soft glow of early morning, students gather with excitement, their hearts set on a journey to Pune by morning flight.

Arrival @ Pune Proceed to MAHABALESHWAR

As the plane touches down in Pune, a sense of anticipation fills the air. Their journey to Mahabaleshwar begins, a path lined with mysteries waiting to be unraveled and memories waiting to be made.

Enroute Breakfast :

 As the morning sun casts a golden hue over the landscape, the students embark on a picturesque drive towards Mahabaleshwar. Along the way, they stop for a delightful breakfast amidst nature's splendor.

Check in and Buffet Lunch

Upon arrival in Mahabaleshwar, the students are greeted with a warm welcome at their accommodation. After settling in, they are treated to a sumptuous buffet lunch that tantalizes their taste buds with a variety of flavors and dishes, setting the tone for a delightful journey filled with culinary delights and memorable experiences.

02:00 PM: Enjoy Hotel facility

The students step into a realm of luxury and comfort as they enter the hotel's embrace. It's a time for students to unwind, explore, and create cherished memories in the lap of luxury.

07:30 PM: Campfire with Music

The flickering flames cast a warm glow, fostering bonds of friendship and laughter that dance into the night. It's a moment where stories are shared, dreams are kindled, and memories are etched in the heart forever.

08:30 PM: Buffet Dinner

The buffet dinner is a symphony of flavors, a feast fit for adventurers. Each dish tells a tale of the region, from aromatic spices to fresh local produce, all curated to delight and nourish.

09:30 PM: Retire for the day

Dreams dance in their minds, painted with the colors of Mahabaleshwar's beauty and the melodies of campfire tales. Tomorrow awaits with promises of new wonders, but tonight, they sleep under the stars' watchful gaze, cocooned in the magic of their journey.



06:30 AM: Wake up and freshen up

Freshening up, they prepare to embark on another chapter of their magical journey, filled with excitement and curiosity for the adventures that await.

07:30 AM: Breakfast

Amidst the serene ambiance of Mahabaleshwar, students gather for a delightful breakfast, where each bite is a fusion of flavors and a celebration of local cuisine.

08:30 AM: Proceed to TABLE LAND TREK

In the early morning hours, as the mist gently lifts over Mahabaleshwar, students embark on a journey to Table Land for a trek like no other. Surrounded by breathtaking views and the soothing sounds of nature, they traverse the rugged terrain, forging bonds of camaraderie and discovering hidden gems along the way.

12:30 PM: Back to Hotel

Returning from the Table Land trek, students find themselves rejuvenated and ready for the next chapter of their magical adventure.

01:00 PM: Buffet Lunch

The buffet lunch awaits, a delightful spread that tantalizes their taste buds and nourishes their adventurous spirits.

03:00 PM: Proceed to Mahabaleshwar Local Sightseeing  Elphinstone point, Monkey point, Kates point & Arthur seat point

As the golden hour approaches, the students step into a world of enchanting sights. From the awe-inspiring views at Elphinstone Point to the majestic vistas of Arthur Seat Point, each stop is a testament to nature's grandeur. Monkey Point and Kate's Point add playful charm, inviting the students to explore and discover hidden delights.

06:00 PM: Back to Hotel

The journey back to the hotel is a serene interlude, allowing them to reflect on the beauty they've witnessed and the experiences they've shared.

07:00 PM: Enjoy DJ Night

The students gather under a starry sky, surrounded by the rhythmic beats of the DJ, creating an electrifying ambiance. This magical evening of music and merriment becomes a highlight of their Mahabaleshwar adventure, etching moments of pure happiness into their hearts.

08:30 PM: Buffet Dinner

The buffet dinner unfolds like a culinary journey, offering a delightful array of flavors and delicacies.

09:30 PM: Retire for the day

The students retreat to their cozy rooms, filled with the echoes of the day's laughter and memories.


06:30 AM: Wake up and freshen up

Freshening up, they prepare to embark on a journey that will weave new tales and create lasting memories.

07:30 AM: Breakfast

Amidst the tranquil morning breeze, the students gather for a hearty breakfast, fueling themselves for the day's adventures.

08:30 AM: Proceed to TAPOLA DAY CAMP

The students embark on an exhilarating journey to Tapola Day Camp. The anticipation mounts as they approach the camp, brimming with activities that promise unforgettable experiences.

09:20 AM: Enjoy Water activities kayaking, water scooter rides, and boating

The students immerse themselves in a world of aquatic adventures at Tapola Day Camp. Their spirits soar as they indulge in thrilling water activities, including kayaking, water scooter rides, and boating.

12:30 PM: Buffet Lunch

The students gather for a sumptuous buffet lunch, their appetites whetted by the morning's adventures.

06:30 PM: Back to Hotel

our adventurous journey leads us back to the comforting embrace of our hotel.

07:30 PM: Buffet Dinner

The evening unfolds with a delightful buffet dinner.

09:00 PM: Retired for the day.

With hearts full of gratitude and excitement for tomorrow's adventures, we bid adieu to the day, retiring to our cozy rooms under the starlit sky.


06:00 AM: Wake up and freshen up

As the first rays of dawn gently filter through the curtains, our students awaken to the promise of a new day filled with excitement and exploration.

07:00 AM: Breakfast

The students gather for a hearty breakfast, fueling their energy for the adventures ahead.

08:00 AM: Enjoy Hotel Facility

Students indulge in the luxuries of the hotel, from leisurely strolls in lush gardens to relaxing by the poolside.

11:00 AM: Checkout

we bid farewell to our temporary abode, carrying cherished memories and experiences.

12:00 PM: Buffet Lunch

A sumptuous buffet lunch awaits us, filling our hearts and stomachs with contentment.

01:00 PM: Shopping at Strawberry Farm

Next on our itinerary is a delightful stop at a strawberry farm, where students immerse themselves in the vibrant colors and sweet aromas of freshly picked berries.

02:00 PM: Proceed to Parsi Point and Sydney Point

The journey continues to the breathtaking viewpoints of Parsi Point and Sydney Point, where panoramic vistas and cool mountain breezes await, providing the perfect backdrop for unforgettable moments and captivating photographs.

Proceed to Pune Airport

As we bid adieu to the scenic wonders of Mahabaleshwar, we embark on our journey back home. Our path leads us to Pune Airport, where we prepare for the next phase of our adventure.

Buffet Dinner

A delightful buffet dinner awaits us, a final feast of flavors that celebrates the richness of our journey.

Report at Pune Airport

With satisfied hearts and nourished souls, we gather once more at Pune Airport, ready to embark on our return flight to Bangalore.

Departure to Bangalore

As we soar through the skies towards home, our minds filled with memories and hearts brimming with joy, we reflect on the magical experiences we shared and the bonds we forged.

Arrival at Bangalore

Our arrival in Bangalore marks the end of this enchanting journey, leaving us with a treasure trove of moments to cherish forever.

Complimentary Ratio for Student: Teacher (Including Non – Teaching Staff) 10:1

NB: Once the Trip is confirmed with the Marketing Executive, for any further information or status or details regarding the booking. Kindly coordinate with our Operations Team – Mr. Ashish Anand: 9501551434 Mr. Georgei T Joseph: 9341227800



The Tour Cost Includes: Local Transportation by private AC Coach, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (veg/non veg), Morning and Evening light snacks, Guide Charges, State Taxes, Sightseeing, General Entrance Fees as per the Programme, Stay at hotels on four sharing basis (1 king size bed with 1 extra mattress), Experienced tour manager from Crazy Holidays throughout the trip.

The Tour cost does not include: Transfer from school to Airport and transfer back from the Airport to the school, Any Expenses of Personal Nature (like still camera or video camera, porter charges, Laundry expenses, phone calls, food/beverages not included in the package, usages of mini bar in the hotel), Sightseeing or Activities which are not mentioned in the package


1. As this is NOT THE FINAL ITINERARY at the time of confirmation, kindly ask the marketing executive to check the availability of all the services as specified in this itinerary i.e., (TRAIN/FLIGHT/COACHES/HOTELS/ENTRY TO MONUMENTS, FARMS, RESORTS ETC) based on the period of travel and to submit the FINAL ITINERARY.

2. As the availability and pricing keeps on changing for flights/train dynamically we request your good self to make sure to collect the full amount of train fare and 25% of the airfare within 24 hours as soon as a trip is confirmed from the students which is nonrefundable and handover the same amount to Crazy Holidays marketing executive so that we can go ahead with the booking of flight/train on immediate hours.

  • The above package is for a group of minimum 30 students (for deluxe or premium package) & 40 students (for semi deluxe or standard package), for lesser number of students there will be a variation in the given cost. For more no. of students, please check with us the possibility of taking additional coach.
  • Validity of the quote will be only for 20 days from the date to receiving the quotation
  • The given rates will not be valid during major holidays like Diwali, Dusserah, Christmas, New Year & Long weekends etc.
  • This is just a quotation, as of now we are not holding any booking. Hotel, transportation and other services are subject to availability at the time of actual booking.
  • 10:1 Teachers accompanying in group.
  • Crazy Holidays reserves the right to re-arrange itinerary to suit as per availability without changing the total number of days in destination and without compromising with any services.
  • Above rate is inclusive of all present taxes, Rate may differ if present tax structure changes.


*During the journey (By Bus/Train/Flight), packed food with simple veg menu will be provided in all the packages

*If the departure time be after 08:00PM (first day of the trip), Dinner will not be provided by Crazy Holidays

*If the arrival time be before 08:00AM (last day of the trip), Breakfast will not be provided by Crazy Holidays



In the event of flight booking or train booking it is advisable not to wait more than 24 hours for booking flight or train as there is dynamic change in the pricing and no provisions are available for blocking tickets. So I request your good self to kindly forward the name list of the students and teachers travelling along with a non-refundable advance of Rs.250/- per head for packages where train booking is applicable and Rs.3000/- per head for packages where flight tickets to be booked





Last date of advance payment with amount

50% at the time of Confirmation

Last date of balance payment with amount

15 days Prior Trip

Demand Draft Should be in favour of


Payable at


Online Payment through payment gateway

2% transaction charges applicable


  • A circular will be forwarded to the students
  • Kindly follow the instructions to access the detailed itinerary, Project specifications, payment details, booking procedure and to make the payments through our payment gateway
  • After making the payment, handover the invoice to the class teacher


Cancellations are effective on the date written intimation is received by the Tour In charge / School Office. Cancellation will not be received orally or over the phone. Refund if any will be settled within 21 days of the arrival of the Tour.

1) 25 days or more prior to departure date: 25% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

2) 20 days to 24 days prior to departure date: 40% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

3) 15 days to 19 days prior to departure date: 50% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

4) 10 days to 14 days prior to departure date: 75% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

5) 9 days or lesser prior to departure date: 100% of tour cost will be non-refundable

*In case of flight journey, Air ticket amount will be non-refundable (100% cancellation charges) once the tickets booked





If due to any reason the group tour is postponed to the next/forthcoming vacation, an additional postponement charges over and above the tour cost will be applicable


Standard check in and checkout time of most of the hotels are 12:00 noon. Early check in and late checkout will be subject to availability. We will try to give as many rooms as possible for early check in or late checkout but we don’t promise to give all the rooms for the same. For guaranteed early check in or late checkout, the hotel(s) should be booked at the time of package booking by paying additional amount charged by the hotel.


Since the Indian Railways had made the ticket reservations 4 months (120 days) in advance, for any itinerary with departure by train, we request you to kindly give the name list of the students and escorts -WELL IN ADVANCE for this we SUGGEST you to forward the name list of the students and escorts who are “ EXPECTED” to attend the trip on the date of confirmation of the tour  itself , once the final name list is forwarded 30 days before the date of departure the tickets of those who are not travelling could be  CANCELLED–this is to make sure your journey more safe & comfortable


TOUR CORDINATOR NAME ------------------------------------

CONTACT PHONE NO --------------------------------------------

EMAIL ID ------------------------------------------------------------

DEPARTURE DATE ------------------------------------------------

CONFIRMED BY ----------------------------------------------------

SIGNATURE (on all the pages) ---------------------------------

DATE ------------------------------------------------------------------

NOTE: Once the trip is decided you are requested to collect the “TEAR OFF SLIP” from the marketing executive (“TEAR OFF SLIP” is an indemnity bond to be forwarded and collect back from the Parents/Guardian with their signature).

Effective from the date of confirmation we request your good self to kindly contact with Mr. /Ms. ______________________________________________Contact Number ________________________Email Id ________________________ for any Queries/ Information regarding Booking of this Trip.

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