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Experience the enchantment of Ooty through a journey designed to captivate young minds. From the serene Botanical Garden to thrilling adventures at Eagles Dare, every moment is a blend of discovery and excitement. Imagine your child immersed in nature's beauty, exploring waterfalls, enjoying a toy train ride, and savoring local delicacies. This magical experience fosters curiosity, builds friendships, and creates lasting memories, making it an irresistible opportunity for your child's growth and joyous exploration.


Departure to Coimbatore by morning flight

Students embark on a journey of wonder as they board a flight bound for Coimbatore.

Arrival @ Coimbatore Proceed to Ooty

As the flight gently touches down in Coimbatore, students' eyes widen with excitement, for they know their journey into enchantment has just begun.

Enroute Breakfast

Amidst the serene journey towards Ooty, the students are treated to a sumptuous breakfast, the flavors mingling with the anticipation of the adventures that lie ahead.

Check in and Buffet Lunch

As the students arrive in Ooty, they are welcomed with warmth and comfort at their accommodation. After settling in, a delectable buffet lunch awaits.

Enjoy Hotel facility

After settling into their cozy rooms, students revel in the luxurious amenities of the hotel, from the inviting swimming pool to the charming gardens.

04:00 PM: Proceed to OOTY Lake

our young adventurers set off to Ooty Lake, a shimmering jewel nestled amidst the emerald hills.

04:30 PM Enjoy paddle boat at Ooty Lake

The serene Ooty Lake awaits, its crystal-clear waters shimmering under the gentle glow of the afternoon sun. with laughter and delight, students step onto the vibrant paddle boats, their spirits soaring as they glide across the serene lake.

06:30 PM: Back to Hotel

As the sky transforms into a canvas of pinks and purples, our group returns to the cozy hotel. The warmth of camaraderie and the day's joyful moments linger in the air.

07:30 PM: Campfire with Music

The magic continues as the students gather around a crackling campfire. Faces glow in the firelight, and spirits soar as everyone sings and dances together, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

08:30 PM:Buffet Dinner

A sumptuous buffet dinner awaits, featuring a spread of delectable dishes. Students share stories and laughter over a hearty meal, savoring every bite in the company of friends.

09:30 PM: Retire for the day

With hearts full and spirits high, the students retire for the day. They drift off to sleep with dreams of the adventures yet to come, their minds filled with the enchantment of this unforgettable evening in Ooty.


06:30 AM: Wake up to Ooty's Charm

The morning air carries the promise of discovery as students wake up to Ooty's serene beauty.

7:30 AM: Breakfast

 A hearty breakfast fuels their energy, setting the perfect tone for the day's activities.

08:30 AM: Adventure Awaits

The group proceeds to Eagles Dare Adventures, a place where thrilling experiences await.

Option 1 - Bungee Swing, Tubby Jump, Stunt Jump, Quick Jump: For the adrenaline seekers, a series of exhilarating activities like bungee swing and stunt jumps.

Option 2 - Zipline, Sky Bridge, Wall Climbing, Rappelling: For those who prefer a different kind of adventure, activities like ziplining and wall climbing promise unforgettable moments.

12:30 PM: Back to Hotel

After an action-packed morning, the group heads back to the hotel.

1:00 PM: Buffet Lunch

A lavish buffet lunch awaits, providing a much-needed respite and a chance to recharge.

03:00 PM: Proceed to Pykara waterfalls and Pykara dam

The students eagerly set out for Pykara Waterfalls and Pykara Dam.

3:30 PM: Enjoy Boating at Pykara dam

The beauty of Pykara Dam captivates everyone as they enjoy a peaceful boat ride, surrounded by the serene landscape.

6:00 PM: Back to Hotel

The group returns to the hotel, their hearts filled with the day's magical moments.

7:00 PM: Enjoy DJ Night

The evening comes alive with a DJ night, where music and dance create an unforgettable celebration.

8:30 PM: Buffet Dinner

 A delectable buffet dinner is served, capping off another day of magical experiences.

9:30 PM: Retire for the day

As the day winds down, the students retire to their rooms, their dreams brimming with the adventures of the day and the promise of more to come.


06:30 AM: Wake up and freshen up

With breakfast filling their hearts, students set off to conquer Doddabetta Peak, marveling at Ooty from its highest point.

7:30 AM: Breakfast

A delicious breakfast sets the stage for the adventures ahead.

8:30 AM: Proceed to Doddabetta Peak trek

 The group sets out for the Doddabetta Peak trek, an exhilarating journey to the highest point in Ooty.

9:00 AM: Visit and explore Doddabetta Peak trek

 The stunning views from Doddabetta Peak leave everyone in awe, a perfect blend of nature's beauty and the thrill of the trek.

11:30 AM: Visit Tea museum & chocolate factory

Next, the students visit the Tea Museum and Chocolate Factory, where they learn about the rich history of tea and indulge in delightful chocolates.

12:30 PM: Back to Hotel

 The group returns to the hotel, ready for another sumptuous buffet lunch.

1:30 PM: buffet lunch

A lavish buffet lunch awaits, providing a much-needed respite and a chance to recharge.

02:45 PM: Proceed to Botanical garden

After a relaxing break, they proceed to the Botanical Garden.

03:00 PM:Visit & explore Botanical garden

The afternoon unfolds with a visit to the enchanting Botanical Garden, where students delve into botanical wonders and rare plant species.

04:30 PM: Shopping

Exploring Botanical Garden's green wonders transitions seamlessly into a shopping spree, capturing Ooty's essence to take home.

6:30 PM: Back at the hotel

Back at the hotel, students gather for a cultural exchange, sharing stories and experiences from their trip.

7:30 PM: Buffet Dinner

An exquisite farewell dinner is served, celebrating the journey and friendships forged in Ooty.

9:00 PM: Retired for the day.

The night concludes with a bonfire under the starlit sky, where students share laughter, songs, and cherished memories.



6:00 AM: Wake up and freshen up

The final morning in Ooty begins with gratitude for the unforgettable experiences and bonds formed.

7:00 AM: Breakfast

 A farewell breakfast is enjoyed, filled with nostalgia and anticipation for the journey back to Bangalore.

8:00 AM: Enjoy hotel facility

Students take a last stroll around the hotel grounds, capturing final moments of Ooty's beauty.

11:00 AM: Check-out from the hotel

 with hearts filled with cherished memories and gratitude for the hospitality the students check-out from the hotel .

12:00 PM: Buffet lunch

 A hearty buffet lunch is served, providing a final taste of Ooty's culinary delights before the journey back home.

01:00 PM: Proceed to Udhagamandalam railway station

The group proceeds to Udhagamandalam Railway Station where an iconic experience awaits.

02:00 PM: Boarding the toy train from Ooty to Coonoor

 students embark on a scenic journey through the hills, enjoying panoramic views and nostalgic charm.

Proceed to Coimbatore Airport

 Departure from Coonoor towards Coimbatore Airport, marking the end of their Ooty adventure.

Report at Coimbatore Airport

Upon arrival at Coimbatore Airport, students reflect on the memorable experiences of the trip.

Dinner (Subway/Dominos) with Coke

A casual dinner at Subway/Dominos, accompanied by refreshing Coke, offers a relaxed end to the day.

Departure to Bangalore

Boarding their flight to Bangalore, students carry with them the magic of Ooty and cherished memories to share with family and friends.

Arrival at Bangalore Airport

Marking the conclusion of a magical journey filled with adventures, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Complimentary Ratio for Student: Teacher (Including Non – Teaching Staff) 10:1

NB: Once the Trip is confirmed with the Marketing Executive, for any further information or status or details regarding the booking. Kindly coordinate with our Operations Team – Mr. Ashish Anand: 9501551434 Mr. Georgei T Joseph: 9341227800



The Tour Cost Includes: Local Transportation by private AC Coach, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (veg/non veg), Morning and Evening light snacks, Guide Charges, State Taxes, Sightseeing, General Entrance Fees as per the Programme, Stay at hotels on four sharing basis (1 king size bed with 1 extra mattress), Experienced tour manager from Crazy Holidays throughout the trip.

The Tour cost does not include: Transfer from school to Airport and transfer back from the Airport to the school, Any Expenses of Personal Nature (like still camera or video camera, porter charges, Laundry expenses, phone calls, food/beverages not included in the package, usages of mini bar in the hotel), Sightseeing or Activities which are not mentioned in the package


1. As this is NOT THE FINAL ITINERARY at the time of confirmation, kindly ask the marketing executive to check the availability of all the services as specified in this itinerary i.e., (TRAIN/FLIGHT/COACHES/HOTELS/ENTRY TO MONUMENTS, FARMS, RESORTS ETC) based on the period of travel and to submit the FINAL ITINERARY.

2. As the availability and pricing keeps on changing for flights/train dynamically we request your good self to make sure to collect the full amount of train fare and 25% of the airfare within 24 hours as soon as a trip is confirmed from the students which is nonrefundable and handover the same amount to Crazy Holidays marketing executive so that we can go ahead with the booking of flight/train on immediate hours.

  • The above package is for a group of minimum 30 students (for deluxe or premium package) & 40 students (for semi deluxe or standard package), for lesser number of students there will be a variation in the given cost. For more no. of students, please check with us the possibility of taking additional coach.
  • Validity of the quote will be only for 20 days from the date to receiving the quotation
  • The given rates will not be valid during major holidays like Diwali, Dusserah, Christmas, New Year & Long weekends etc.
  • This is just a quotation, as of now we are not holding any booking. Hotel, transportation and other services are subject to availability at the time of actual booking.
  • 10:1 Teachers accompanying in group.
  • Crazy Holidays reserves the right to re-arrange itinerary to suit as per availability without changing the total number of days in destination and without compromising with any services.
  • Above rate is inclusive of all present taxes, Rate may differ if present tax structure changes.


*During the journey (By Bus/Train/Flight), packed food with simple veg menu will be provided in all the packages

*If the departure time be after 08:00PM (first day of the trip), Dinner will not be provided by Crazy Holidays

*If the arrival time be before 08:00AM (last day of the trip), Breakfast will not be provided by Crazy Holidays



In the event of flight booking or train booking it is advisable not to wait more than 24 hours for booking flight or train as there is dynamic change in the pricing and no provisions are available for blocking tickets. So I request your good self to kindly forward the name list of the students and teachers travelling along with a non-refundable advance of Rs.250/- per head for packages where train booking is applicable and Rs.3000/- per head for packages where flight tickets to be booked





Last date of advance payment with amount

50% at the time of Confirmation

Last date of balance payment with amount

15 days Prior Trip

Demand Draft Should be in favour of


Payable at


Online Payment through payment gateway

2% transaction charges applicable


  • A circular will be forwarded to the students
  • Kindly follow the instructions to access the detailed itinerary, Project specifications, payment details, booking procedure and to make the payments through our payment gateway
  • After making the payment, handover the invoice to the class teacher


Cancellations are effective on the date written intimation is received by the Tour In charge / School Office. Cancellation will not be received orally or over the phone. Refund if any will be settled within 21 days of the arrival of the Tour.

1) 25 days or more prior to departure date: 25% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

2) 20 days to 24 days prior to departure date: 40% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

3) 15 days to 19 days prior to departure date: 50% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

4) 10 days to 14 days prior to departure date: 75% of the tour cost will be non-refundable

5) 9 days or lesser prior to departure date: 100% of tour cost will be non-refundable

*In case of flight journey, Air ticket amount will be non-refundable (100% cancellation charges) once the tickets booked





If due to any reason the group tour is postponed to the next/forthcoming vacation, an additional postponement charges over and above the tour cost will be applicable


Standard check in and checkout time of most of the hotels are 12:00 noon. Early check in and late checkout will be subject to availability. We will try to give as many rooms as possible for early check in or late checkout but we don’t promise to give all the rooms for the same. For guaranteed early check in or late checkout, the hotel(s) should be booked at the time of package booking by paying additional amount charged by the hotel.


Since the Indian Railways had made the ticket reservations 4 months (120 days) in advance, for any itinerary with departure by train, we request you to kindly give the name list of the students and escorts -WELL IN ADVANCE for this we SUGGEST you to forward the name list of the students and escorts who are “ EXPECTED” to attend the trip on the date of confirmation of the tour  itself , once the final name list is forwarded 30 days before the date of departure the tickets of those who are not travelling could be  CANCELLED–this is to make sure your journey more safe & comfortable


TOUR CORDINATOR NAME ------------------------------------

CONTACT PHONE NO --------------------------------------------

EMAIL ID ------------------------------------------------------------

DEPARTURE DATE ------------------------------------------------

CONFIRMED BY ----------------------------------------------------

SIGNATURE (on all the pages) ---------------------------------

DATE ------------------------------------------------------------------

NOTE: Once the trip is decided you are requested to collect the “TEAR OFF SLIP” from the marketing executive (“TEAR OFF SLIP” is an indemnity bond to be forwarded and collect back from the Parents/Guardian with their signature).

Effective from the date of confirmation we request your good self to kindly contact with Mr. /Ms. ______________________________________________Contact Number ________________________Email Id ________________________ for any Queries/ Information regarding Booking of this Trip.

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