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Imagine your child embarking on a magical journey to the coastal wonders of Udupi and Mangalore, where each day is filled with discovery and excitement. From exploring the fascinating Anatomy & Pathology Museum and the historical St. Mary's Island to the serene beauty of Malpe Beach, this trip is a blend of cultural, historical, and natural wonders. The exploration of Pilikula Biological Park and the artisan’s village, along with the architectural marvel of St. Aloysius Church, offers enriching experiences that inspire and educate. This journey is more than just a trip; it's an adventure that will leave your child with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for the world around them!


09:00 PM: Departure from Bangalore

As the stars begin to twinkle in the night sky, a group of excited students gathers at their school, their hearts filled with anticipation. They board a luxurious private AC coach, eager to embark on their magical journey to Udupi. The coach, enchanted with comforts and soft music, glides smoothly through the night, creating an aura of wonder.


06:00 AM: Arrival in Udupi

The coach arrives in Udupi at dawn, greeted by the soft glow of the morning sun. The students step off the coach, their excitement palpable as they take in the serene surroundings.

06:30 AM: Check-in at Hotel and Freshen Up

Upon arrival at the hotel, the students check in and take a moment to freshen up. The early morning air is filled with a sense of adventure as they prepare for the day's activities.

07:30 AM: Breakfast at Hotel

A delicious breakfast is served, offering a variety of options that energize the students for the day ahead. The aroma of freshly prepared food fills the air, adding to the excitement of the day.

08:30 AM: Proceed to Anatomy & Pathology Museum

The students set off for their first destination, the Anatomy & Pathology Museum, filled with curiosity and eagerness to learn.

09:00 AM: Visit Anatomy & Pathology Museum

At the museum, the students are fascinated by the extensive collection of specimens. They explore the exhibits, gaining a deeper understanding of human anatomy and pathology, and feeling like young scientists discovering the secrets of the human body.

11:00 AM: Snacks Break

A quick snack break provides a refreshing pause, allowing the students to recharge and reflect on the wonders they have just witnessed.

12:30 PM: Lunch at Hotel

The group returns to the hotel for a delightful lunch. The variety of flavors satisfies every palate, replenishing their energy for the afternoon's adventures.

02:00 PM: Proceed to St. Mary’s Island by Boat

The students set off on a boat ride to St. Mary's Island, the journey filled with excitement and the thrill of the open sea.

03:00 PM: Visit St. Mary’s Island

The students step onto the picturesque St. Mary’s Island, enchanted by its natural beauty and the history it holds. They explore the island, learning about its volcanic origins and the story of Vasco da Gama's landing, feeling like explorers discovering a hidden gem.

05:00 PM: Enjoy Malpe Beach

Later, the students visit Malpe Beach, where the golden sands and gentle waves create a perfect setting for relaxation and fun. They play on the beach, visit the nearby temples, and enjoy the serene beauty of the coastline.

07:30 PM: Return to Hotel

As the day comes to a close, the students return to the hotel, their hearts full of the day’s adventures.

08:00 PM: Dinner at Hotel

A delightful dinner is served, offering a perfect end to a day filled with exploration and wonder. The students share stories of their day, their excitement for the next day's activities growing.

09:30 PM: Retire for the Day

The students settle into their rooms, drifting off to sleep with dreams of the adventures yet to come, their hearts full of joy and anticipation.


06:30 AM: Wake Up and Freshen Up

The new day begins with excitement and anticipation. The students wake up early, ready for another day of discovery.

08:00 AM: Breakfast at Hotel and Check Out

A hearty breakfast fuels their enthusiasm for the day’s activities. After breakfast, the students check out of the hotel, their bags packed and spirits high.

09:00 AM: Transfer to Mangalore

The students board the coach and set off for Mangalore, the journey filled with chatter and laughter.

10:30 AM: Proceed to Pilikula Biological Park & Artisans Village

The students arrive at Pilikula Biological Park & Artisans Village, eager to explore its diverse attractions.

12:00 PM: Visit Pilikula Biological Park & Artisans Village

At the biological park, the students are captivated by the variety of flora and fauna. They visit the artisan’s village, where they witness traditional crafts and learn about the rich cultural heritage of the region.

01:00 PM: Lunch at Pilikula

A delicious lunch is served, offering a break and a chance to recharge before the afternoon’s activities.

02:00 PM: Proceed to St. Aloysius Church

After lunch, the students head to the architectural marvel that is St. Aloysius Church.

03:00 PM: Visit St. Aloysius Church

Standing inside the beautifully painted walls of St. Aloysius Church, the students are awestruck by the intricate artwork and the serene atmosphere. They learn about the history of the church and the life of St. Aloysius, feeling a deep sense of reverence and inspiration.

04:00 PM: Snacks Break

A quick snack break provides a refreshing pause, allowing the students to recharge for the remaining activities.

04:15 PM: Free Time for Shopping

The students have some free time to explore the local markets, where they can shop for souvenirs and enjoy the vibrant local culture.

07:30 PM: Dinner

A delightful dinner is served, offering a perfect end to the day's adventures. The students share stories of their day, their excitement for the return journey growing.

08:30 PM: Departure to Bangalore

The students board the coach for the journey back to Bangalore, their hearts full of memories from the trip.


05:00 AM: Arrival in Bangalore

The coach arrives back in Bangalore in the early morning. The students disembark, their hearts and minds enriched by the experiences of an unforgettable journey. They head home, ready to share their adventures with family and friends.

Complimentary Ratio for Student: Teacher (Including Non – Teaching Staff) 10:1

NB: Once the Trip is confirmed with the Marketing Executive, for any further information or status or details regarding the booking. Kindly coordinate with our Operations Team – Mr. Ashish Anand: 9501551434 Mr. Georgei T Joseph: 9341227800




  • Transportation by private coach.
  • Veg Breakfast, Lunch ( veg/non veg) and Dinner (veg/non veg) ,Morning and Evening light snacks.
  • Guide Charges.
  • State Taxes.
  • Sightseeing.
  • General Entrance fees as per the programme.
  • Stay at hotels on four sharing basis (1 king size bed with 1 extra mattress).
  • Experienced tour manager from Crazy Holidays throughout the trip.



  • Any Expenses of Personal Nature (like still camera or video camera, porter charges, Laundry expenses, phone calls, food/beverages not included in the package, usages of mini bar in the hotel.
  • Sightseeing or Activities which are not mentioned in the package.


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