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Imagine your child embarking on an enchanting journey to the heart of Karnataka’s historical and natural wonders. From the awe-inspiring monolithic statue at Shravanabelagola to the intricate carvings of Belur and Halebidu temples, and the breathtaking views from Mullayanagiri peak, this adventure promises educational enrichment and unforgettable memories. With comfortable travel, delicious meals, and engaging activities, your child will explore, learn, and grow amidst the magical landscapes of Karnataka. Register now to give them an experience they'll cherish forever!


06:00 AM: Departure from Bangalore to Shravanabelagola

At the break of dawn, a group of eager students gathers at their school, their eyes sparkling with excitement. They board a luxurious private coach, enchanted with comforts and soft music, gliding smoothly through the morning mist, creating an aura of wonder as they embark on their magical journey.

08:00 AM: Breakfast On the Way
As the sun rises higher, casting golden hues across the landscape, the students enjoy a delicious breakfast. The aroma of freshly prepared food fills the coach, energizing everyone for the adventures ahead.

10:00 AM: Visit Shravanabelagola
The coach arrives at Shravanabelagola, nestled in the Hassan district of Karnataka. The majestic statue of Gommateshvara Bahubali, standing tall as the largest monolithic statue in the world, captivates the students. The unique architectural style and serene ambiance of this revered Jain site leave them in awe. They learn that "Shravanabelagola" means "Monk of the White Pond," a fitting name for this peaceful place.

11:00 AM: Snacks
Rejuvenated with snacks, the students eagerly anticipate the next part of their adventure.

11:30 AM: Transfer to Hassan
The journey continues as the coach takes the students to Hassan, a town steeped in history and charm.

12:45 PM: Check-in at Hotel and Freshen Up
Upon arrival, the students check into a charming hotel, freshen up, and prepare for the day’s explorations.

01:00 PM: Lunch
A sumptuous lunch is provided, offering a delightful mix of flavors that rejuvenate the students.

02:00 PM: Proceed to Belur
The students set off for Belur, their excitement palpable as they journey through picturesque landscapes.

03:00 PM: Visit Belur Temple
Arriving at Belur, the students are mesmerized by the magnificent temple complex. They marvel at the intricate carvings and stunning architecture, learning about the rich history of the Hoysala dynasty. The temples of Belur and Halebidu are often mentioned together due to their similar style and proximity.

04:00 PM: Proceed to Halebidu
On the way to Halebidu, the students enjoy snacks, their anticipation building for the next historical marvel.

04:30 PM: Visit Halebidu

In Halebidu, the students explore the ruins of the once-magnificent Shiva temple. They learn about the town’s history as the capital of the Hoysala Dynasty and its rich cultural heritage. The tales of invaders and lost treasures add a sense of mystery to the visit.

05:30 PM: Free Time for Shopping
The students have free time to shop for souvenirs, capturing memories of this enchanting day.

06:30 PM: Back to Hotel
The students return to the hotel, their bags filled with treasures and their hearts filled with stories.

07:30 PM: Freshen Up

After freshening up, the students gather for dinner, sharing stories of the day’s adventures.

08:00 PM: Dinner
A delicious dinner is served, the perfect end to a day of exploration and learning.

09:30 PM: Lights Off
Tired but happy, the students head to bed, dreaming of the adventures awaiting them tomorrow.


05:45 AM: Wake-Up Call
The students are gently awakened, ready for another day of adventure.

06:00 AM: Freshen Up
Everyone freshens up, excitement in the air for the day’s activities.

07:30 AM: Early Breakfast and Check-Out
An early breakfast is served, fueling the students for the journey ahead. They check out of the hotel, ready to explore Mullayanagiri.

08:30 AM: Proceed to Mullayanagiri/Sakleshpur
The coach departs for Mullayanagiri/Sakleshpur, with the students eagerly looking out at the scenic beauty of Karnataka.

09:30 AM: Visit Mullayanagiri/Sakleshpur
At Mullayanagiri, the highest peak in Karnataka, the students are mesmerized by the breathtaking views. They embark on a trek, soaking in the natural beauty and fresh mountain air. The adventure and serenity of the place create lasting memories.

11:00 AM: Snacks
After the trek, snacks are provided, giving the students a much-needed energy boost.

01:00 PM: Lunch
A delightful lunch at a nearby hotel/restaurant replenishes the students, readying them for the journey back.

03:00 PM: Departure to Bangalore
The coach departs for Bangalore, with the students reflecting on their magical journey.

04:00 PM: Snacks
On the way, snacks are provided, adding a touch of comfort to the travel.

07:00 PM: Arrival at Bangalore
The coach arrives back in Bangalore, the students disembark, their hearts and minds filled with unforgettable experiences. They bid farewell to each other, promising to cherish these magical memories forever.

Complimentary Ratio for Student: Teacher (Including Non – Teaching Staff) 10:1

NB: Once the Trip is confirmed with the Marketing Executive, for any further information or status or details regarding the booking. Kindly coordinate with our Operations Team – Mr. Ashish Anand: 9501551434 Mr. Georgei T Joseph: 9341227800



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